What is NIJ 06 body armor?

In regard to body armor or ballistic armor, NIJ 06 refers to the National Institute of Justice 0101.06 protocol, the current protocol for testing body armor.

The NIJ is a U.S. Department of Justice organization tasked with research, development and compliance certification.  All body armor/ballistic armor that complies with the NIJ certification is listed on the NIJ Compliant Product List on its website www.justnet.org.

Tactical Elite Systems (VARANUS) is listed along with the products that comply with this standard.  All VARANUS by Tactical Elite Systems products are listed on the the NIJ Compliant Products List.  Tactical Elite Systems will not sell body armor/ballistic armor that is not NIJ certified.

In order to obtain compliance, the manufacturer sends ballistic test panels to an NIJ certified ballistics laboratory for testing.  Once testing shows that the panels meet the standard, a Letter of Certification is issued by the NIJ and the product is listed on the Compliant Products List.

For more information on NIJ06 or other products by Tactical Elite Systems, including body armor/ballistic armor, plate carriers, tactical harnesses and other products, please contact info@tacticalelitesystems.com